The Miraculous Love Kids (A Beatific Vision)

The Mystical-The Magical-The Miracle
The Beatific Vision
The Skeleton Key-The Divine Cipher
The Miraculous Love Kids
For Suffering Humanity & The Children of Clamor
Deep Song & The Ways of Salvation
For The Sun-The Butterfly-The Source-The Metamorphosis
The Tree of Life-A Branch from this Tree called Love
whose Leaves are Called Compassion
Mercy,Kindness,Faith & Hope
Another Branch Called Beauty
Whose Leaves Include Imagination,Creativity,Nature,Transcendence
The Miraculous Love Kids
are the Little Ones who think Big
They have names: Mursal,Madina,Behishta,Faisal,
They are from Afghanistan a Country beaten down by
war,poverty & other social ills for some 37 years now
They are also from Syria,Iraq,Pakistan,Somalia,Libya
South Sudan,Gaza,Kashmir,India
They reside in every nook & cranny of the Earth
They are the Marginalized-The Voiceless,The Powerless
The Bottom of the Barrel-ers-The Z-List
Jesus knew them-Mohammad too
as did Abdul Sattar Edhi-even Audrey Hepburn knew them
It is Friday August 5th-I am in Kabul-It is Hot
I am out of my comfort zone yet I am the happiest man alive
Happy for the opportunity to be a part of something good-real good
I am gazing at five small Yamaha Guitars
and one Full Bodied Fender Tim Armstrong Acoustic
a friend named Alex Perez gave us this Guitar
another friend named John Greenberg made it happen
Tim Armstrong is from a band called Rancid
a Punk Band with a sense of ragged melody and clear purpose
Rancid is also what poverty is
but as The Miraculous Love Kids and I Believe
somehow,someway you gotta find Grace in the grime
The Guitars will be played by These kids
who will experience the many wonders of this glorious phenomenon
They will play and sing about the plight of their lives
and the tragedy & hope contained within
for they have become messengers to a world that has lost its way
For me it’s all about Commitment
Commitment to a Spiritual and Moral Ideal
A Nexus Point-A Convergenceof
and a Fierce Fidelity to Justice & Joy
as A form of Worship and Praise to the Love God etched in every soul
it is also a rejection of all that is false,harmful,deceitful
for as Jesus proclaimed “Blessed are the Pure in Heart
for they shall see God“
Children know this-Mystics know this
ask Rabia,Rumi,Hafiz,Hildegard & Teilhard De Chardin
look them up,they will show you,as will Faiz Ahmed Faiz
Now may i be so bold as to posit we are all Mystics
for at our deepest core we know that everything is connected-It’s all one
and that Love is the Mightiest Force In the Universe
but like a Computer until you flip the switch it lies dormant
so all who read…Flip the Switch
To this i am humbly offering myself up
to serve,nurture and protect these Immaculate Child beings
who just may be the ones to usher in a new era
an era free of greed,poverty,violence,fear and war
I realize at times i will experience the wretchedness of despair
but i also know i will ride on the Wings of Starry Rapture
and perhaps when enough of us awaken to this vision
an Epic Peace will emerge
and Music will be heard again for as B.B. King once told me in Memphis
“Be True to the Music and the Music will be True to You”
and then i will rest for a bit and like Meister Eckhart
become a beginner with beginners in a Mad Euphoria of Undying Reverie
For as Jared Leto the Eclectic Wonder Man of Hollywood recently said
“When you commit to something seemingly impossible,
and you’re pushing through things that are seemingly hostile,
and then you’re like,oh,wow,we did that.
That’s a great feeling.”
From Karachi and Kabul to New York & LA
a Girl with a Guitar and the MLK’s
Their Kickin’ out the Jams for the Earth
with a Power Chord of Peace
a Supersonic generator
full of those Mighty frequencies
Their flippin their Lids
The Miraculous Love Kids…